I love cats, and have been dubbed a crazy cat lady with two gorgeous kitties of my own (keep an eye out for the black and white short hair and calico short hair). I love photographing all pets; I believe each pet has their own individual personality, just like humans do, and I love capturing their best self in these Pet Pawtrait Photoshoots

Bengal Cat

As you can see from the images below I have photographed a lot of Bengals; a lean and elegant breed who love to have a chat with you. The lighter bengal cats featured are a family of Snow Bengals, spread over 4 generations. 

Maine Coon Cat

I’ve also photographed 2 sets of Maine Coon brothers; the ginger and silver main coons towards the bottom of the page (look for the fluffy ‘manes’ and tufty ears) were only 5 months old at the time, and will grow to be about a meter in length. The brown tabby main coon was just over a year old. Maine coons generally come with strikingly defined facial features, long thick coats especially around the neck creating a mane, and tufts on their ears.

Domestic Short Haired Cat

My two kitties (amongst many others I have photographed) are Domestic Short Haired, one black and white and the other calico. When my husband and I went along to pick which two we would like from their litter, I was a little overwhelmed to be taken to a room where the 7 kittens were playing. I sat on the floor and observed them for a while and my husband picked Willow, our calico, based on her mischievous but playful personality. Neko, our black and white cat fell asleep in my hands when I picked him up. I was desperate for a cuddly cat, so we picked him for this. They are both so different in personality; Willow plays fetch, talks to us and loves water. Neko loves being outdoors but also loves to be cuddled or wrapped round your neck. You can probably see some of these on my instagram page.

Other breeds featured below are Chinchilla Persians, Hanava Brown, British Blue Shorthair and Ragdoll.

You can see more about the Pet Pawtrait Photoshoots I offer here. 

I tend to offer cat photoshoots as indoor studio type photoshoots as they are often completely independent and have a mind of their own so probably won’t hang around long if they’re outside, but I’m more than happy to offer outdoor shoots for cats as well as dogs. Please feel free to pop me a message or email if you have any questions.