Pet Photoshoot FAQ

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We want your pet to feel as comfortable as they can, so familiarity is essential. Bringing along their favourite blanket or bed if possible is fab if they need a rest mid way.

Their favourite toy is another great option, but also a great distraction as something to get their attention to look where we need them to. Treats are a fab reward and encouragement (great bribery as well!)

If we’re going on a dog walk, you just need to bring the essentials you would take for any other dog walk (poop bags, lead, water etc), but with the option of their toy and some extra treats. Please ensure their collar and any other accessories are as you would want them to be in the final images.

If you’re booked in for an equine photoshoot, please ensure that their head wear and any other garments are clean. If you have it, a bucket with treats in makes a great distraction to get those ears pointing forwards. 

Look at these portrait photographs as an investment, one you will want to hang on your walls, display in frames or save in an album to look at and show off time and time again. If you’re planning on being in the photographs as well, remember that less is often more, and as much as I love vibrant colours, huge amount of patterns or large logos can distract from the subject’s face, and often lead to ‘clashes’, so try to keep these to a minimum. At the same time, don’t feel you all have to wear the exact same outfit as long as they harmonize. 

Please ensure any collars and any other accessories are as you would want them to be in the final images.

A £50 booking fee is required at the time of your booking which will be deducted from your package price, with the remaining package fee required no later than the day of your photoshoot. Any additional products you would like to purchase require payment at the time of purchase. You can see the full list of packages and gorgeous wall art products here.

With portraiture, I like to keep the colours as close to what they are on the day we meet, but I like to add a fine art finishing touch to them, creating a timeless and traditional feel. I won’t be positioning your pets into unnatural poses but instead I want to bring out their characters so you remember them as they were, kooky little traits and all.

Absolutely not! I send you a questionnaire prior to your photoshoot to find out all about who is taking part in your photoshoot.

No, I love animals! I will also send a questionnaire out before your shoot so I can get to know you and your pet before their shoot. 

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