Whether we want to admit it or not, our furry friends are a huge part of our family (or rule the whole house in my case!), so allow me to capture their personalities in these stunning pet ‘pawtrait’ shoots.

Sadly, our pets are not with us forever, which is why I decided to start offering pet portrait photography, to capture treasured memories of your furry family members to keep a lifetime.

‘Crazy cat lady’ is how some describe me, and though I have two beautiful kitties of my own I am a complete animal lover – they’re all my favourites! I believe that each animal has their own individual personality just like humans do, and I can’t wait to meet yours. The full details of the pet packages I offer and please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

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North Yorkshire Pet Photographer

Animals are beautiful creatures and special companions that are here for a short time in our lives. My North Yorkshire pet photography business allows me to share the joy and delight pets bring to our lives. I travel through many communities, including York, Leeds, Harrogate, and others, helping people celebrate the love they have for their furry friends. After all, pets aren’t just animals we care for. They become part of our family, and we treat them equally.

Most pets are only with us for just a few years. We need to capture those special moments while they are with us so that we can remember all the fun times. As a Yorkshire pet photographer, I love getting to know my clients and their pets. They have such a special bond. I can often capture a glimpse of those ties that bind one to the other.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Cats and dogs are a large part of my clientele. They are the most common type of pets, after all. I don’t limit myself to cat and dog photography, however. I love all animals! Big or small, animals are sometimes my most rewarding subjects. When they are playful, I can create fantastic action shots. They are full of energy and excitement, which is completely contagious!

It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. I enjoy learning about all kinds of animals. Most animals love attention and will even pose if you give them the proper instructions. Pet photography can be fun, and each session is a learning experience for me if I get to take photos of a new or different animal. Bringing together my passion for photography and my love for animals makes me one happy photographer.

Each Pet Is Unique

Just like their humans, each animal is unique. Pets have their own character and style. They even have quirky behaviours. Not every animal can be treated the same. Before we meet, I like to ask a few questions about your pet on a questionnaire. When they arrive for the photoshoot, it’s important that I get to know them beforehand. This is a chance to earn their trust so when we start to take photographs they won’t be so shy or reserved. Once I get to know your pet, it’s so much easier to take pictures that show off your pet’s true personality.

I love photographing animals in all types of settings. I like being able to match the colours of the pet with those that will make them stand out. If you want family photos, wear the colours you plan on wearing at the photo shoot when we meet for the first time. The pre-session chat we have gives me an idea of what colours and textures you want to include in your photo shoot. Knowing the colour scheme early, allows me to bring out the beauty of your pet and create a balanced, beautiful image.

My Name Is Julia, and I Adore Animals!

Hello! My name is Julia Healey, and I am a York pet photographer. York is a beautiful city with many green spaces perfect for pet photography. I have discovered many areas throughout York where outdoor dog photography would work well. They include Yorkshire Museum Gardens, Strensall Common, Little Hob Moor, Yearsley Woods, Knavesmire Woods, the River Foss, and Fishponds Wood. Many pet owners have unique places where they spend time with their pets. We can make those places magical with pet photography.

I know that animals are best-behaved when they are in an area familiar to them. I don’t mind coming to your home if that is what you prefer. Travelling is part of my job so coming to your location is no problem. Let me know if there’s another place you’d like to have your pet photography photoshoot (i.e. your home), and I’ll see if we can arrange this.

Contact Me Today to Schedule Your Pet Photography Session!

There are things to consider when you are getting ready to schedule your pet photography appointment. Where would you like your session to take place? When you call to schedule your appointment, we will be able to work out all the details.

I require a small booking fee when you book your appointment. Your booking fee will be deducted from the original price when we meet to take your photos. I love getting to know new clients and enjoy working with all types of animals. Let’s work together and create a photo shoot that will allow you and your pet to shine! I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your pet!