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Dress to Impress: 5 Tips for Perfect Portrait Photoshoot Outfits

Eeek, you’ve just booked your portrait photoshoot with me, and excitement is bubbling within you. You’re ready to capture those stunning moments that reflect your personality and style.

But wait – what should you wear?

Choosing the right clothes can significantly enhance the outcome of your portrait session. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these five relaxed and practical tips to help you shine in front of the camera.

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  1. Be Yourself, Naturally: When it comes to portrait photography, authenticity is key. Your outfit should mirror your personality and make you feel comfortable. Opt for clothes that you would wear on a special day out – something that makes you feel confident and relaxed. Whether it’s your favourite jeans, a breezy sundress, or a cosy sweater, the goal is to capture your genuine self.

  2. Solid Colours: Timeless and Flattering: Solid colours work wonders in portrait photography. They create a harmonious look that draws attention to your face and expressions. Steer clear of busy patterns or loud prints that might steal the spotlight from you. Neutral tones like whites, blacks, grays, and pastels complement various skin tones and help create a timeless vibe.

  3. Coordinate, Don’t Match: If you’re taking portraits with a group, coordinating outfits can add depth and visual interest to your photos. The key here is to avoid everyone wearing the exact same thing – that can come across as overly staged (saying that, you can never go wrong with jeans and variations of a white top). Instead, choose a colour palette that complements each other and allows individual personalities to shine through. This coordination will make your portraits feel cohesive yet genuine.

  4. Consider the Setting: Think about where your portrait photoshoot will take place. Is it in a lush garden, a bustling urban street, or a cosy indoor studio? Your clothing should complement the setting and enhance the overall mood of the photos. A flowy dress might be perfect for a romantic outdoor shoot, while a casual ensemble could work better for an urban vibe. Take the environment into account when choosing your outfit.

  5. Comfort is Key: This cannot be stressed enough – prioritize comfort. Your portrait photoshoot might involve various poses and movements, and you want to be at ease throughout the session. Avoid clothes that are too tight, itchy, or constricting. If you’re uncomfortable, it might show in your expressions. Plus, when you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to exude confidence and joy, resulting in stunning photographs.


Choosing the right clothes for your portrait photoshoot is all about staying true to yourself, enhancing your features, and harmonizing with the surroundings. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it’s about finding what resonates with you. So go ahead, embrace your individuality, have fun with your outfit choices, and let your unique charm shine through the lens. With these five tips, you’re well on your way to creating portrait photographs that capture the essence of who you are.

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Julia Healey

Julia Healey is a passionate and skilled photographer based in York, North Yorkshire, specializing in wedding and pet portrait photography. Her style is characterized as fun, vibrant, and timeless, capturing the unique personalities and precious moments of her subjects. Julia's love for animals, especially cats, is reflected in her work, leading her to become a renowned 'Pet Pawtrait Photographer'. She holds the prestigious Master Craftsman qualification from the Guild of Professional Photographers, a title held by fewer than 50 photographers in the country, achieved with a panel of 20 cat images. Julia's work is not just a profession, but a way to treasure memories of beloved pets and special life events.

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