Wedding photographs: Take 2!

Ever wanted to relive your wedding day? I certainly have, it really was the best day of my life and nothing with ever come close to it. Remember that episode of Friends, the one where Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are sat in their wedding dresses, just because they could, and you sit and think ‘how amazing would it be to get my wedding dress back on’? 

Well, who says you can’t??

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider a wedding styled shoot; you may want to try a ‘trash the dress’ wedding shoot (something I would LOVE to try!), the weather on the day may not have been in your favour, ran out of time, couldn’t afford to hire a full day photographer at the time to name a few.

I’ve photographed a few already married couples now in their original wedding day attire; one was donating her gorgeous princess wedding gown to charity and wanted a ‘last hurrah’ shoot in her dress, another couple got dressed back up to assist me with practicing, and the other couple sadly just weren’t ‘wowed’ with their wedding photographs from their wedding five years ago.

My first couple, Grace and Ben, decided to host their wedding shoot around the City Centre of York in March this year, featuring some of it’s most famous landmarks including York Minster, the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, and the York walls. Ben and Grace are originally from America but have lived in England for a good chunk of their working lives, and in York for a good few years. They have since moved to Bristol for work, so they wanted to capture York’s historic beauty before their  big move. Here are some of our favourites;

My second couple, Nadia and Phil, are good friends of mine and I photographed their wedding back in 2017, but I wanted to practice some new techniques I had recently learnt so we popped along to Villa Farm Wedding Venue in York, a local venue where I attend wedding fayres and where I am also a recommended supplier, to put these into practice. Here are some of the results below;

You’ve had your wedding day, you’ve received your wedding photographs back from the wedding photographer, but you don’t get that ‘wow’ feeling… Emma and Grant, my third couple, sadly just didn’t have that wow factor with their original wedding photographs from five years ago. Emma and Grant are also wedding photographers from Milton Keynes, and we met at a wedding photography training day being held on the outskirts of York. We decided to recreate some wedding couple style photographs using the techniques that we had learnt on the training day, making sure that Emma and Grant were able to recreate what they had originally envisioned for their wedding photographs. We contacted Hazlewood Castle, iBloom florist, Westgate Hair Salon and The MakeUp Works and spent the majority of the day photographing. They now have some stunning wedding photographs that they absolutely love. See the full blog detailing their wedding photoshoot here.

Do you fancy a Wedding style photography re-shoot, or something similar? Get in touch with me and we can have a chat 🙂

You can also see other galleries of my work here.

Julia Healey

Julia Healey is a passionate and skilled photographer based in York, North Yorkshire, specializing in wedding and pet portrait photography. Her style is characterized as fun, vibrant, and timeless, capturing the unique personalities and precious moments of her subjects. Julia's love for animals, especially cats, is reflected in her work, leading her to become a renowned 'Pet Pawtrait Photographer'. She holds the prestigious Master Craftsman qualification from the Guild of Professional Photographers, a title held by fewer than 50 photographers in the country, achieved with a panel of 20 cat images. Julia's work is not just a profession, but a way to treasure memories of beloved pets and special life events.

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