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Best Wedding Venues In Harrogate

Discover the Best Wedding Venues in Harrogate for Your Dream Day

Located in the heart of North Yorkshire, Harrogate is a cosmopolitan town brimming with historic buildings, boutique shops, and trendy restaurants. With a variety of stunning wedding venues, from luxurious hotels to enchanting countryside barns, Harrogate is the perfect destination for your dream day. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through some of the best wedding venues in Harrogate, offer entertainment ideas, and share tips for planning your perfect Harrogate wedding – from my perspective as a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

What you need to know

  • Discover a range of wedding venues in Harrogate, from historic castles to luxury hotels and rustic countryside inns.
  • Navigate venue restrictions and make the most of local history & scenery to create an unforgettable experience for your special day.
  • Plan carefully considering budget, location, style & guest list with average cost ranging between £5k – £12k

Harrogate’s Top Wedding Venues: A Comprehensive List

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Harrogate boasts an impressive array of wedding venues that cater to every couple’s tastes and preferences. From historic castles and elegant hotels to charming countryside inns, there is a perfect Harrogate wedding venue for every couple’s dream day.

Here’s an overview of some of the top wedding venues in Harrogate, each with its unique charm and ambience, guaranteed to make your special day memorable.

Rudding Park

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Rudding Park is a luxurious and elegant venue nestled within beautiful gardens and featuring a spa, providing a spectacular backdrop for wedding celebrations in Harrogate.

Offering a comprehensive selection of services for weddings, including:

Rudding Park ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience.

The venue provides a variety of capacity choices to suit weddings of all sizes, with spaces ranging from the Radcliffe Room, accommodating 80 to 180 guests, to the intimate Jupiter Room, perfect for smaller weddings of 20 guests or fewer.

DoubleTree by Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa

The Majestic Hotel, now known as the DoubleTree by Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa, is a grand and historic venue that offers a fairytale setting for your wedding day. With a history dating back 119 years, this Victorian property adds a touch of elegance and charm to your special day.

The hotel provides four wedding packages, catering to different preferences and budgets, and can accommodate up to 340 guests for dining and 500 for a reception. Combining a historic setting and modern amenities ensures you and your guests a magical and memorable experience.

The Yorke Arms

For couples seeking a cosy and romantic atmosphere, The Yorke Arms is a charming and intimate venue in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, a beautiful part of West Yorkshire. The venue offers a dining capacity of 33 and a reception capacity of 50 for wedding events, ensuring an intimate and private setting for your special day.

With its rich history and stunning gardens, The Yorke Arms provides a truly unique and romantic wedding venue that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

The Timble Inn

Experience the rustic charm and warmth of a countryside wedding at The Timble Inn, an 18th-century coaching inn in Nidderdale. The inn offers an array of services to make your wedding day memorable, including a restaurant for bespoke wedding breakfasts and The Timble Chapel, an ideal venue for intimate weddings.

With both indoor and outdoor venues available for your ceremony and reception, The Timble Inn provides a versatile and enchanting setting for your special day.

Ripley Castle

Ripley Castle is a magnificent and historic castle that offers an ideal setting for an unforgettable wedding day. The castle provides ceremonies in its chapel, receptions in its staterooms, and outdoor celebrations in its grounds, catering to various wedding styles. With a history spanning 700 years, Ripley Castle adds a touch of timeless elegance and grandeur to your special day.

The venue accommodates 150 guests, perfect for intimate gatherings and more significant celebrations.

The Old Swan Hotel

The Old Swan Hotel, situated in the tranquil Montpellier district of Harrogate, offers a perfect blend of elegance and history for your wedding celebration. The hotel boasts:

  • A classic ambience
  • Attractive grounds
  • Adaptable spaces
  • A knowledgeable wedding team

Making it an ideal choice for your special day.

With up to 450 guests for dining and up to 750 guests for a reception, The Old Swan Hotel can accommodate weddings of all sizes, ensuring a sophisticated and memorable experience for all.

Hotel Du Vin Harrogate

Hotel Du Vin Harrogate offers a chic setting for a modern and luxurious wedding celebration. The hotel provides an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere and offers outdoor spaces for wedding ceremonies or receptions.

With various services and amenities available, Hotel Du Vin Harrogate ensures that every aspect of your wedding day is precisely tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.

Wharfedale Grange

Wharfedale Grange is a beautiful and unique venue, perfect for barn weddings and a rustic and enchanting wedding day. Offering a selection of wedding packages tailored to meet different requirements and preferences, Wharfedale Grange ensures a magical experience for you and your guests.

The venue provides a wedding planning service, helping you create the perfect day tailored to your unique vision. With a capacity of up to 200 guests for the wedding breakfast, Wharfedale Grange can accommodate weddings of various sizes and styles.

The Crown Hotel

The Crown Hotel in Harrogate offers a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere for a memorable wedding celebration. Boasting a building full of history and elegant gardens across from the renowned 200-acre Stray Parkland, The Crown Hotel provides a picture-perfect setting for your special day.

Although specific details on the amenities offered to wedding parties at The Crown Hotel are unavailable, its rich history and stunning setting make it an ideal choice for a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

The Inn South Stainley

For a countryside wedding with a touch of elegance, The Inn South Stainley provides:

  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • A classic and contemporary setting for weddings
  • A wedding showcase for couples to view the venue and its surroundings
  • Onsite accommodation for wedding guests, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

With its history as a popular pub in the area, The Inn South Stainley offers a charming and inviting ambience for your special day.

Cairn Hotel

Cairn Hotel offers a classic and elegant setting for a sophisticated wedding celebration. The hotel provides a range of services for weddings, including various venue options and catering to suit different preferences and budgets.

With its rich history as the home to the local vicar and the main post office for northern England, Cairn Hotel adds a touch of traditional charm to your special day.

Harrogate Masonic Hall

Harrogate Masonic Hall provides a unique and historic venue for couples seeking something different for their wedding day. The venue offers the Grand Hall for wedding ceremonies and is registered with the Harrogate Borough Council Registry.

With a history dating back to 1930 as a purpose-built meeting place for its members, Harrogate Masonic Hall adds a distinction to your special day.

Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate

Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate offers modern amenities and historic charm for a memorable wedding experience. The hotel provides:

  • A selection of sophisticated and fashionable event spaces
  • Picturesque surroundings
  • Seasoned wedding coordinators
  • Customizable wedding packages
  • Sumptuous lodging for guests

With a maximum capacity of 288 guests for a wedding event, Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate can accommodate weddings of various sizes and styles.

Almscliffe Valley

Almscliffe Valley provides a stunning natural backdrop for a truly breathtaking wedding day. The venue offers an exclusive tipi wedding package and boasts a stunning location in the Almscliffe Valley.

With its magnificent and awe-inspiring landscape, this woodland venue offers a romantic and picturesque atmosphere for your Woodstock weddings and memorable days.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Harrogate Wedding

Harrogate presents various entertainment choices to entertain guests throughout your wedding celebration. There’s something for everyone, from live bands and DJs to magicians and lawn games. Some of the most sought-after DJ services for weddings in Harrogate include:

  • Dave Mobile DJ
  • Jonny Ross Music
  • NSC Entertainment
  • DJ Sime
  • Yorkshire DJ Beats

With various entertainment options, you can ensure your wedding day in Harrogate is a memorable and enjoyable event for all.

Planning Your Perfect Harrogate Wedding Day

Envisioning your perfect Harrogate wedding day involves considering factors like:

  • Venue size
  • Location
  • Style
  • Budget
  • Guest list

Harrogate’s average wedding venue prices range from £4,696.96 for an off-peak, mid-week date to £12,385.99 for a Saturday during summer.

By considering these factors and visiting your chosen venue in person, you can ensure your wedding day perfectly reflects your unique vision and preferences.

Harrogate Wedding Venues with Stunning Backdrops

Harrogate wedding venues offer stunning backdrops for unforgettable wedding photos. Some examples include:

These beautiful wedding venues provide countless breathtaking settings to capture your special day.

Embrace the beauty of Harrogate’s countryside with venues that offer picturesque views, such as Almscliffe Valley, for a truly enchanting wedding day experience.

Accommodation Options for Your Harrogate Wedding Guests

To ensure a comfortable stay for your wedding guests, Harrogate offers a range of accommodation options, including:

  • Rudding Park Hotel
  • Ascot House Hotel
  • Premier Inn Harrogate Town Centre
  • Travelodge Harrogate West Park

Providing your guests with various accommodation options will ensure an enjoyable experience for all attendees of your Harrogate wedding.

In planning your Harrogate wedding, being aware of venue restrictions, such as noise limitations or curfews, is beneficial. By understanding these restrictions and working closely with your venue, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable wedding day for you and your guests.

It’s always best to communicate directly with your venue to discuss potential restrictions and plan accordingly.

Making the Most of Harrogate’s History and Scenery

Incorporating Harrogate’s rich history, beautiful scenery, local landmarks, and traditions into your wedding day offers a unique and memorable experience. Harrogate boasts numerous historical sites, such as Harrogate Royal Pump Room Museum, Ripley Castle, and Valley Gardens, which can be incorporated into your wedding festivities.

Additionally, including a handfasting ceremony, a unique tradition in Yorkshire, can add a meaningful and symbolic element to your wedding ceremony. By making the most of Harrogate’s history and scenery, you can create a truly unforgettable wedding experience.


In conclusion, Harrogate offers a wealth of stunning wedding venues, from luxurious hotels to charming countryside inns, ensuring a perfect setting for every couple’s dream day. Harrogate is the ideal destination for a truly unforgettable wedding experience with various entertainment options, accommodation choices, and breathtaking backdrops. So why wait? Start planning your perfect Harrogate wedding today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wedding venues are available in Harrogate?

Harrogate has a selection of wedding venues, ranging from luxurious hotels to historic castles and countryside inns, ensuring the perfect setting for every couple’s special day.

What entertainment options are available for weddings in Harrogate?

For a wedding in Harrogate, couples can choose from various entertainment options such as live bands, DJs, solo musicians, photobooths, magicians, caricaturists, lawn games, and cocktail-making stations.

What are some of the most significant historical landmarks in Harrogate?

Harrogate is home to a variety of historical landmarks such as the Harrogate Royal Pump Room Museum, Ripley Castle, Valley Gardens, Harrogate Theatre, Mercer Art Gallery, Knaresborough Castle, RHS Garden Harlow Carr, The Stray, St Wilfrid’s Church and The Valley Gardens Café.

What are the average wedding venue prices in Harrogate?

At the time of this blog, Harrogate’s average wedding venue prices range from £4,696.96 for an off-peak, mid-week date to £12,385.99, depending on the venue and date chosen.

What accommodation options are available in Harrogate for wedding guests?

Harrogate provides a range of accommodation options for your wedding guests, from luxurious hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts. Every guest can enjoy a comfortable stay during your special day.

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